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Imagine, that your spirit and soul become more sizes of your body

They are increased keeping the most thin mental communication with your body.And you saw yourself from the far and with curiosity examine yourselves. Now see around you more widely. As though from height of the bird's flight you see district environmental you and feel, that all that is around of you belongs to you. You are a ruler of this planet, all-powerful and All-seeing. Let ones thin web of the intuition down on all countries and continents, and feel what money and how operate peoples. All these people belong to you , they working for creation of your capital and power. For everybody you allocate a place and rules of their maintenance.

What is the RUSSIA among all these territories? This Real Unbounded Satisfaction Sponsors In Abundance.

AlekSOS promotes occurrence of unlimited amount of supercapable persons which will provide prosperity and safe life by elite.

But for performance of these problems are required technical opportunities of a high level :

Input to a network the Internet through a satellite communication

High speed of processing of the information

The modern software

Accommodation of WEB-pages in different zones and levels.

Highly effective advertising in various MASS-MEDIA.

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